El Shisha Privé Black Velvet


Our top model – portable electronic shisha device. El Shisha Prive – is a pocket size luxury shisha accessory, which gives the feeling of using a traditional shisha, with the difference that you can carry it with you and use it anywhere and anytime.

Privé is charged via USB, it has a compact but powerful built-in battery that lasts for days, an efficient vaporizer coil, an anti-leakage system and several types of child proof locking mechanisms.

Thanks to the special evaporation technology, El Shisha Privé produces a huge cloud of aromatic vapor with a rich taste. The device has an e-liquid container that is filled quickly and easily with a variety of liquids especially created for the model. They are available in convenient packages of 30 ml., each of them lasts for over 6000 puffs or an average of 20 days of use.

You can take a look at the wide selection of aromatic El Shisha liquids which do not contain harmful ingredients such as tobacco, nicotine, tar or toxins, here.

  • The pack contains:

    1 x El shisha Privé Black Velvet device
    1 х mouthpiece
    1 x 1500mAh Battery + 2ml tank
    1 x micro usb to usb 2.0 cable
    1 х core 0,5 Omh
    1 x user manual

    Additional Accessories:


Your Premium Shisha Experience

El Shisha Prive is a luxury and stylish electronic smart device, which is the next generation equivalent of the traditional Hookah (narghile). El Shisha devices are designed to work with the most pure e-liquids, they are smoke free and easy to use.

The El Shisha company stands against nicotine usage and for this reason our e-liquids are specifically developed to deliver a sophisticated nicotine-free shisha experience.

The El Shisha devices are handheld, battery-powered gadgets that vaporize e-liquid and have many similarities with electronic vaporizers (vapes). The main difference though lies in the fact that El Shisha best mimics the style and taste of the traditional water pipe (shisha).

El Shisha Prive provides the same sensation and behavioral aspects like traditional tobacco or shisha usage, but is the logical evolution of this social ritual, which creates the best nicotine-free, compact and pure shisha experience.

Additional information

Weight 0.218 kg
Dimensions 13 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm


Liquid capacity:


Battery capacity:


Working Voltage:


Charging time:


Battery life:

300+ charging cycles

El Shisha Privé the true vaping hybrid

Our flagman El Shisha Privé is the epitome of a new age hybrid device. It embodies the simplicity and ease of use of an e-cig with the power and diversity of a vaping mod.

Many new users who enter the vaping world for the first time start with cheap and simple devices, which do not deliver the best experience. At the other side of the spectrum are the passionate vapers who enjoy customizing their mods and extracting the most out of them. The Privé model is designed to breach the gap between the two sides. It is a device made for those who want to experience the sensation of a vaping mod without having to deal with all the complications that come with that.

Instructions Manual

Device assembly and liquid fll:

  1. When you receive the device, before using it, first plug it in and charge the battery for minimum 1,5-2 hours.
  2. After charging remove the mouthpiece in order to unscrew the golden ring more easily.
  3. Push down and unscrew the golden ring from the tube.
  4. Put 3 drops from the e-liquid directly into the coil (see diagram).
  5. Screw on and tighten well the coil to the bottom of the golden ring.
  6. Fill the container with e-liquid. Please mind the max level marked on the back of the device in order to avoid overflow.
  7. Screw the golden ring with the already mounted to it coil back on the device and let it soak for minimum 5 minutes before first use. There should be a 1 mm. space left between the ring and the device. This is the special push down lock/unlock functionality for child safety. Do not try to screw it tighter!
  8. Place the mouthpiece back on and enjoy!
El Shisha Prive Black Velvet
El Shisha Prive Black Velvet


  • Never store the device without turning it off! The button will be pressed and the coil will burn!
    • Press the button 5 times fast (in 2sec) to unlock the device. The LED light flashes 5 times the device is ready to use.
    • Press the button 5 times fast (in 2sec) to lock the device. The LED light flashes 5 times the device is locked and safe to carry.
  • If the red light is flashing when you press the button:
    • The battery charge is low and the device has to be charged
    • The coil or the ring are not well tightened and there is no contact
    • The coil is burnt and has to be replaced
  • If there is a leakage or you feel the liquid in your mouth:
    • The battery charge is too low and you need to charge the device
    • You have placed too many drops in the coil or too much liquid in the container and you have to clean all parts with a clean dry cloth.
    • The container glass is broken! Be very careful and do NOT drop, bump or hit the device. The container glass cannot be replaced and is not covered by the guarantee. If you break the glass the device can no longer be used!
  • The golden ring has 2 dots under the mouthpiece. If you place the dots next to each other there will be maximum air flow and more vapor. If you place dots at a 90-degree angle there will be minimum airflow and less vapor.
  • In order to use the device press and hold the button continuouslywhile inhaling - the LED light turns on indicating that the deviceis in use.
  • To check if the device is ON/OFF - press the button once. If the light flashes twice the device is ON, if the light doesn’t flash the device is OFF.
  • If you want to refill the same liquid just unscrew the golden ring and pour more liquid in the container. There is no need to clean the device.
  • If you want to change the favor, unscrew the golden ring, clean the container with clean smooth dry cloth and pour the new liquid in.
  • Do not use water to clean the device!

Protection & Charging:

  • Keep the device and accessories out of reach of children.
  • Do not use power source over 5.5 V to charge the device.
  • Charge the device by simply connecting it to a USB port or to a wall adapter.
  • The device automatically stops working if the button is pressed for more than 15 seconds continuously. The Red LED light flashes 10 times and the device turns off.
  • Problem indication: if there is a technical problem, the red light flashes 5 times and the device stops working automatically.
  • Low power protection: when the battery charge becomes too low (voltage is < 3.2V) the Red LED light flashes 15 times and the device automatically turns off and locks.
  • Open circuit protection:if the coil resistance is > 5.0Ω, the red light flashes 15 times when used.
  • Child Protection:

- The Gold Ring is only removed with push and turn mechanism, ensuring that children cannot unscrew or open the device by mistake or intentionally.

- The 5 times fast button push functionality (to lock/unlock) guarantees that the device cannot be turned on from children by mistake or intentionally.

  • Battery level check:
    Press the button once.

- If you see white light, flashing 2 times, this indicates the device has sufficient battery charge.

- If you see red light, flashing 2 times, this indicates the device needs to be charged

El Shisha Prive Black Velvet