About us

The El Shisha company was created by a team of people who urged to find a solution for their strong desire to own a small portable luxury shisha vaping gadget.

Every time they travelled around the world, they struggled to find a nice place or any place at all to have decent shisha /narghilé/. Being ex-smokers and huge fans of Shisha, they were searching for a way to carry a small one around with them.

In one of their travels around the world they found a portable vape device, that looked big and ugly, but tasted great and most importantly- was hand-handles and easy to refill with different flavors in no time. At this moment they got inspired to create the most compact, elegant and stylish device that anyone can carry in their pocket/bag during the eveyday activites or while traveling to even the most remote corners of the world.

They gathered a team of some of the most experienced developers from 3 different countries, tried countless devices and technologies, removed the nicotine, added an innovation to make the cloud bigger and the taste stronger and this is how 12 months later the perfect El Shisha devices were born.

El shisha are a new-era high-end luxury portable shisha devices. They give the consumer the best nicotine-free tobacco alternative, which has no smoke, tar or other toxins present in regular cigarettes. They come in a chic-designed exquisite outfit and are accompanied by a great variety of flavours.

Founded in Bulgaria and established in Milan Italy, El Shisha now works globally and is currently one of the leading developers and distributers of electronic shisha devices and e-shisha liquids on many markets.

In addittion to the luxurious design, we at El Shisha Company, use only high-grade materials that give the premium feel to all El Shisha products. Our research and development team is constantly testing innovative practices and refining all our products in order to maintain the impeccable quality we strive for every day.