Тhe most frequently asked questions
about El Shisha

El Shisha are portable electronic devices that generate vapor by pulverizing liquid from their tank or cartridge using a vaporizer. The main elements of the El Shisha devices are: Battery, vaporizer and Tank / Cartridge.

The El Shisha devices are intended for use by people over 18 years of age (21+ in USA). They can be used by any person:

  • people who are non-smokers
  • people who want to give up the harmful habit of smoking cigarettes
  • people who love to vape and are already familiar with the technology, but are looking for more stylish and premium device to add to their collection
  • people who have never smoked any kind of cigarettes, vapes or narghile and would like to test something they are not at risk of becoming addicted to.

People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using the products.

There in no burning process in the El shisha devices, it is a smoke-free technology that only prodeces water vapor. The El Shisha liquids do not contain nicotine, tobacco or tar. Therefore neither the devices, nor the liquids are subject to the law for smoking and may be used in all kinds of public places.

This is maybe the most frequently asked question – “can using El Shisha help us quit smoking standard tobacco products?” Using El Shisha allows us to keep the distinctive movements, manners and sensations like standard smoking. Many people have used similar products to stop smoking and with a high success rate. Researchers from University College London assessed, in a recently published study, that vaping and the use of e-cigarettes may help between 50 000 and 70 000 people quit smoking every year in England. Other studies conclude there is a substantial increase in people quitting cigarettes as the rate of vaping increased in recent years.

El Shisha liquids do not contain any nicotine or other substances and toxins that can be found in tobacco products and as a result do not lead to addiction.  We can’t guarantee that you won't get addicted to the amazing taste and to the great experience though. ;) ;)

E-liquid is the substance that „fuels“ the vape device and gives you the taste and aroma that creates the experience of vaping itself. The selection of a nice and quality fluid is no less important than choosing the right device to get the desired experience.

The El Shisha e-liquids are manufactured in Germany and have a certificate that guarantees their high quality and purity of the ingredients used.

No, the El Shisha liquids do not contain nicotine! The El Shisha company stands against nicotine usage and for this reason our e-liquids are specifically developed to deliver a sophisticated nicotine-free shisha experience.

The main ingredients of our e-liquids are Vegetable Grycerin (VG) derived from plant oils, Propylene Glycol (PG) and flavours. All of the ingredients are with food grade quаlity and are heavily used in the food industry.

Almost always the answer to this question is yes. Of course, the amount saved greatly depends on the way and frequency of using the devices and on the individual preferences of the users.

Vegetable glycerin is a thick, non-toxic, sweet-tasting, odorless and colorless liquid. It is obtained from the processing of vegetable oils and has a very wide application in the food industry and in cosmetics. In е-liquids, it is used as a base and very often the main ingredient, which produces the vapor and carries the flavours.

Propylene Glycol is a colorless liquid with no odor, faint sweet taste and high viscosity. It is a non-irritating organic compound which has broad use in cosmetics and pharmacology as well as many food aplications. It is used in such products as coffee-based drinks, ice cream, whipped dairy and in some cases as a substitude for sugar. In e-liquids it is used as one of the main ingredients and carrier for the flavours.

Vogue uses small and easy-to-replace cartridges, does not require turning on or filling with liquid, but generates less vapor compared to Privé.

Privé has a vaporizer coil that the customer has to screw on themselves to the device and fill the container with liquid. It is a more powerful device that generates more vapor.

One bottle of liquid is sufficient for 15-16 refills of the fluid reservoir of the device. Of course, the time spent consuming a tank of liquid is extremely individual and subjective - it depends on the frequency and intensity of use of the device.

2GO devices have about 450-500 puffs. Of course, this number may vary slightly depending on the strength and intensity of use.  These devices are not rechargeable or refillable with liquid.

If your order is placed before 17:00 h. your parcel will be delivered on the next day. If the order was placed on Friday and is to be delivered to an exact address, it may also be delivered on Monday.

If you are under 18 years of age, an adult relative or friend of yours must place the order and accept the parcel from the courier company.

The reasons may be: no vaporizer coil is installed; the button was pressed for more than 15 seconds; not enough battery charge; the evaporation head is burned; either the vaporizer or the rotating ring cap is not tightened well enough.

The device may flash if: it is used for more than 10 seconds continuously; no battery charge; when plugged into a charger and the battery is fully charged, the light flashes 20 times before turning off.

This happens when the button has been pressed for a long time without inhaling from the device. Pressing the button continuously without inhaling from the device will cause the vaporizer to burn out and must be replaced if it tastes like charcoal or burned. The button should only be pressed when inhaling from the device.

No, every taste of 2GO is sold in one color only.

Taste preferences are something very individual and we would not be able to recommend which taste will appeal to consumers the most. However, purely statistically, we can say that the best-selling tastes for 2GO and Vogue are Strawberry and Double Apple, while for Privé they are Melon and Cherry.

For deliveries outside Bulgaria we work with the courier company TNT. If the courier company delivers to your country and if there are no restrictions in that country for this type of products you can place an order. You, as the buyer, are responsible for the additional costs, such as customs duties, taxes and customs clearance, if such are applicable in your country.

The vaporizer coil of the Privé device is a consumable. After prolonged use, which can vary greatly depending on the frequency and intensity of use, it is good to replace the vaporizer coil.

You will understand that the vaporizer coil is due to be replaced if the taste of the flavor is no longer felt good; if the evaporation process itself is no longer as effective or if it tastes like burnt.

If you would like to become a distributor please contact us at the email or phone number provided on the site.

We at El Shisha do not recommend that our devices be used with liquids other than those designed specifically for our devices, and we cannot guarantee the good working order if you use other liquids.

However, practice has shown that some users add nicotine to the liquids or use liquids with nicotine and are happy with the results.