How to become a distributor?

Over the past few years millions of people around the world consistently turn to electronic type of smoking devices in order to quit cigarettes. Vapes, e-cigs, mods and heated tobbaco-type of devices flооd the markets. This trend is strong and stable and will continue as a logical evolution of the modern world needs.

El Shisha products came to fill a huge niche gap in the rapidly growing market for electronic vape devices and e-cigarettes by offering a hybrid type of devices - impeccable luxury portable electronic SHISHA gadgets.

El Shisha is the answer to the increasing demand for luxury, nicotine-free high quality premium products.

By becoming an El shisha Distributor, you will benefit by getting best wholesale prices and special offers for your store or online business. Get on the hype train of vaping and enter the new age with El Shisha – the next step in the evolution of vape devices and the one and only true electronic shisha experience. Send your inquiries to [email protected] or log into the online store and register as a distributor to get a price advantage and become part of the premium experience that El Shisha has to offer. If you are interested in obtaining exclusive distributor rights, please contact us at [email protected].

Become a Brand Ambassador for El Shisha!

The Brand Ambassador informs its audience on and off social media about the brand's products, presenting it in a positive light and thus helping to increase sales. If you are popular on social media and think you can be a successful El Shisha advertiser and the new face of the brand, fill out the following fields: