El Shisha 2GO Wild Black


This special edition of the emblematic 2GO model – “Wild” – is the newest high-end collectable accessory by El shisha. The disposable vape pen is tiny & elegant but gives a nice strong hit with rich and dense flavour. Its 2.0 version of the core is upgraded with the cutting edge technology, equipped with powerful lithium-ion battery and an anti-leaking system that guarantees the perfect performance of the device. This portable electronic narghile is the most compact model of El shisha. It is ready to use – you don’t need to refill it, you don’t need to charge it and you don’t even need to turn it on. Just open the box, remove the silicone caps and enjoy the freedom of shisha vaping wherever you desire. The set is consist of 3 different skins and flavours.


  • The pack contains:

    The luxurious African set contains:

    1. El Shisha 2GO Snake, flavoured with Coco-Pineapple Ice.

    Enjoy a refreshing and exotic duo with an icy finish for even better experience.

    1. El Shisha 2GO Leopard, flavoured with Banana Ice

    The classic sweet banana fruit with a pinch of a fresh and icy effect.

    1. El Shisha 2GO Giraffe, flavoured with Pomegranate Ice

    A light flavour, not too sweet, but full of fruity scent and fresh cold finish.



El Shisha is the most luxurious vape brand in the world offering a whole new vape concept – a refined ritual called shisha vaping. Our core mission is to deliver an unsurpassed shisha on the go experience by using new-age technologies combined with exquisite fashion designs. All El Shisha models are developed by our talented engineers utilizing latest generation technologies and the highest-grade materials to deliver an unmatched user experience.

We are proud to introduce the new extremely fashionable line of El shisha – Wild Africa. Inspired by the sense of freedom one can feel during an African safari, we created a line of devices that will not leave you unnoticed. Owning the Africa series is a promise that you will be THE FASHIONISTA wherever you show up.

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 0.9 × 12 cm


Liquid capacity:


Battery capacity:


Working Voltage:



Minimum 450~500 puffs

Instructions Manual


Elegant and ready to use disposable device, which you don’t need to charge or fill.

Портативно електронно наргиле Ел Шиша 2GO
Портативно електронно наргиле Ел Шиша 2GO


  1. Airflow controlled device, which starts working when the user inhales. If the user is not inhaling the device remains in sleep mode.
  2. While inhaling - the LED light turns on indicating that the device is in use. When not in use, the device automatically enters sleep mode within 30 seconds.
  3. The battery charge and the amount of liquid are calculated to last for minimum 450~500 puffs. Once the battery is empty the device can no longer be used.
  4. When the charge in the battery becomes low the light flashes when the user inhales.