El Shisha The Most Wanted


*According to the “TTPA” (Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act), online sales of vape devices (with and without nicotine) are prohibited in Bulgaria, as they are equated to tobacco products.

However, you can purchase the El Shisha products at over 300 retail stores across the country.

  • 5 x 30ml
  • Nicotine FREE!
  • High VG share
  • Characterized by an excellent vapor development
  • Easy and straightforward refilling into the El shisha Privé devices
  • The E-Liquid bottle has a safety lock as protection against children as well as a tamper-evident closure

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Vanilla Drops
A flavour that is an unquestionable bestseller in our other devices – Vogue and 2GO. Moderately sweet with a pronounced aroma of real bourbon vanilla, this taste recreates the feeling of a fluffy light vanilla cream. Preferred mostly by ladies, it has been one of El Shisha’s bestsellers since its inception. We spent a long time to perfect the exact saturation of the vanilla flavor – to be such that it can be used both alone and mixed with all other El shisha liquids.
✅ Add a number of drops of your choosing to another El Shisha liquid to change its sweetness and give it a more dessertlike taste.

Milk Chocolate
Rich and pronounced taste of a real milk chocolate. This Privé liquid will tickle your senses and transport you to another reality. With an ethereal and soft aroma of chocolate pudding and a feeling of a real chocolate experience, this taste will surely become your favorite dessert substitute.

An explosion of fruity flavors and aromas, with a rich but light taste. The liquid for El Shisha Privé Tutti Frutti resembles a fruit plateau, composed of a carefully selected variety of exotic fruits. This taste is suitable for warmer days and goes well with a glass of rose, white wine or prosecco.

Gummy Bears
A flavour for El Shisha Privé, reminiscent of jelly beans. Sweet, rich and fruity, this liquid is suitable for fans of strong and saturated flavors with pronounced sweetness. The taste of this liquid will take you back in time, it will bring back childhood memories and jelly temptations.

Candy Mint Drops
It is no coincidence that we called this taste Candy Mint. The characteristic of it is that it is both minty, but also sweet and soft. With a strong aroma and rich taste, this liquid is suitable both for individual use and as an addition to any other taste for El Shisha Privé. If you want to add a light mint flavor and fresh aroma to your shisha experience, this is your best choice.
✅ Add a number of drops of your choosing to another El Shisha liquid to make it fresher and with an icy finish.

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